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The Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant work together to release emotional trauma from cellular memory.  The cells of our body hold memory in cellular fluid.  When we experience trauma that is not fully processed at the time of the event our cells store the memory.  We may or may not be aware of the trauma since we block much of this as a survival mechanism.  Many traumatic occurrences that happen to us as children, perceived or real , remain as disruptive waveforms, or memory in our cells.  Emotional trauma held in the body causes stress and disrupts healthy body function.

Using the Intention Disc and the Sodalite Window Pendant can clear stored traumatic memories  and allow for greater balance and healing.  Here’s the technique:

While comfortably seated or lying down, relax and hold the Intention Disc in the left hand and hold the Sodalite Window Pendant in the right hand.  Then give the command to ‘release any emotional trauma stored in my cellular memory from childhood trauma’.   According to one of our physician consultants this should be done for at least 12 minutes and 12 seconds.   Other consultants have reported the process taking up to 20 minutes.   Just relax and see what happens.  Generally, you will feel a sense of release between 12 and 20 minutes.  The technique can be used for specific event release if you are aware of a past trauma.  It is also effective to use the technique with the command of ‘release emotional trauma stored in my cells from conception to age 6 months’, and then from ‘6 months to one year of age’, and so forth.

During our testing some consultants made up their own release statements and length of time for the technique and received results.  It’s ok to follow your intuition with wording and length of time.

The ZPG Intention Disc clears incoherent waveform or memory from liquid and from the water of our body and this is what is happening when we use the Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant. The Intention Disc is clearing trauma stored in cellular memory while the Sodalite Window Pendant is supporting the process by bringing the body into energetic balance.  The higher vibrational frequencies of the Sodalite Window Pendant help to access the memories and clear them gently and easily.

Some consultants have remembered events such as their birth, while some have seen pictures or images flash across their inner vision.  Other consultants felt a deep release but did not have an experience to report.  It is not necessary to remember an event to release it from cellular memory.

This is an effective, easy and safe way to release unknown or known trauma from our bodymind complex.

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