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I have been using and sharing the Zero Point healing tools with others,  since the middle of November.  I saw on the recorded presentation that if the coaster is held over an area of the body that has been injured, is hurting or is out of balance, that sometimes it will STICK to the area of concern. I have been waiting for this to actually happen to someone that I knew.  Well IT HAPPENED!

I was experiencing some stomach discomfort and I thought that ginger tea might help. Well it didn’t help, in fact it made things much worse. I would say that I went from being uncomfortable to having severe pain. I Laid down on the bed and put the zero point coaster on the area where I was having the most pain. After a few minutes I wanted to move the coaster over a little but it wouldn’t move. IT WAS STUCK TO MY STOMACH!!

I’m sure I could have moved it but I remembered that if the coaster stuck to an area of your body to let it stay there until it unstuck. Well the pain started to go away and when it was all gone the coaster SLID RIGHT OFF. I just couldn’t believe that this had actually happened. I thought that it was stuck because of sweat but the coaster was DRY when it slid off. I moved the coaster to another part of my stomach and IT STUCK AGAIN!!! I wasn’t having any pain there but I decided to leave it there for a while until it SLID OFF!! Wow pain free – no drugs!!

Another way that I used the coaster was when I had a very bad headache.  I decided to put the coaster under my pillow. After I woke up from a brief nap, like magic, the HEADACHE WAS GONE!!  Not only was the headache gone but I felt better the rest of the day. . . . Barb A.


While walking in stocking feet I jammed my toe – boy did it hurt! It was red and swollen. It looked so bad that my husband thought that I broke it.

I immediately put my foot on the ZP coaster for about 5 minutes. I then lasered my toe until it started to feel and look a lot better. I had a little pain but I was able to go to sleep.

Three hours later I woke up with more pain so I sat up on the side of the bed and used the laser for about 5 minutes. The pain was better so I was able to go back to sleep.

I woke up 5 hours later -NO PAIN – NO REDNESS – NO SWELLING – IT WAS ALL GONE!!!  I moved my foot and toes all around still NO PAIN – WHAT A MIRACLE!!!   Joan S.

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  1. It’s true what they say about ZP taking pain away! I have had any number of digestive maladies and other pains that have been helped or completely taken away with the coaster. Also, I do notice that wearing the pendant helps me keep my space when around groups of people.
    Anyone know how long I should charge my water with the coaster before drinking it?

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