Quantum Pendant Scam – Should You Buy a Quantum Pendant

Jun 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Articles

If you do a search for the term Quantum Pendant you are likely to be overwhelmed by the number of websites that proclaim that their product is the best. That it heals all forms of illnesses and that you will see immediate results.

Are these claims real or just a scam and hoax? Can they be proved? Should you just dismiss them as snake oil and continue on as you have been?

People come to these products mainly as an alternative to mainstream treatments.

Some seek these products because they are on a path of alternative medicine and others seek the products because traditional medicine has not be able to be of help.

The major problem with quantum pendants, energy pendant or healing pendants is that they cannot be proved by scientific repeatable methods. All of the reports are what is called anecdotal.

Anecdotal means that a users is telling how they feel after using the product. And no amount of anecdotal evidence will constitute “scientific proof”. Hence the idea that quantum pendants are scams.

However, for the user of these products, when a painful situation is relieved that is all that matters.

So what do you do? How do you move forward?

There are definitely healing energy products that are down right junk. The seller is only interested in separating you from your money.

The first step would be to make sure the company has a money back guarantee. So now the risk is on the company. And always pay by credit card. Then if there is a dispute you can always have the card company fight on your behalf.

The second step would be to talk with friends and friends of friends. Remember these devices will not show results based on meters or other testing devices. You need to find out from people just how they felt they were helped or not helped.

And the third step is to remember that quantum pendants do not cure anything. They are supposed to help make your body stronger so that your own immune system can get the job done. So do not listen to any pitch that says an energy pendant will cure anything.

And lastly, remember when you are desperate there will always be someone willing to take advantage of you.

So if you want to pursue a course of alternative treatment on its own or in conjunction with traditional medicine do so with you eyes wide open. Use the same judgment you use on all other decision.

Alternative does not always mean good and honest. Many times it does but not always.

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  1. My mum used it . It worked. She has joint and muscle pain for ages. She bought the pendant for around $200 and wore it for a week. The pain is gone.
    The amazing thing is if you hold it in one hand and swing your body around, you can reach further more behind your back. We tried this in office, the staffs were amazed. Without the pendant we could not twist our body that far. It was amazing and now am browsing the net to see how it works.

  2. I have been wearing it over a year and I have had one migraine headache since. I usually averaged 1 every two weeks and 2 minor headaches a week. In that one year I had 4 headaces which were very minor and lasted only 2 hours.

    Also I sustained a hip injury years ago and I have hip pains 1-2 times a week. I had it only once this year and it was from straining it getting out of a car.

    My GF started wearing it and her headaches went away. She used to get 3 a week.

    I recommend it.

  3. My boss just bought it. She would not have purchased it if she did not believe in it. I will leave further input as time goes on about her progress.

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