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In the last news letter I talked about the Florida Wave Event and the three new products that were introduced at the event.

You have probably read about the products in the corporate newsletter or heard Dan Clausing describe the new products during the Thursday conference calls.


Today I wanted to talk about the Intention Disk. I am completely fascinated with the Intention Disk.

What can you say about a product that not only removes negative energy from water but also focuses your desires to get what you want.

Here is what you can say – WOW!!!

My focus today is on one part of this amazing product and that is the clearing of negative energy from water.

The basis of clearing the negative energy from water is the idea that water has an energetic memory. That water is able to retain the energetic frequency of whatever it has passed through.

This is clearly shown through the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto in his groundbreaking book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

Dr. Emoto would subject water to either life affirming words such as love, god, gratitude etc or life destroying words such as hate, violence, devil etc.

He would then freeze the water and take pictures of the crystals that were formed. Below are just two examples. The picture on the top was water “thanked” or told “I am going to kill you”. The picture on the bottom shows water before and after being prayed over.



The incredible part of the Intention Disk is that the disk removes the negative energetic imprint from the water. And not only that but the disk then inputs positive, life affirming frequencies to aid in physical, mental and spiritual growth.

So to start with, I put all the water that I drink on the Intention Disk.

But for me that is just the start. Because everything that I eat has been in contact with water. Especially from irrigation. And that water has helped form the cells of the food.

So all the food that I eat gets a once over from the Intention Disk.

Even though the water I use for coffee has been cleared I still need to take care of the creamer, sweetener and the coffee beans themselves.

As I said, everything gets a once over from the disk.

Now let’s take this one step further. And an important step it is.

We are made up of at least 70% water. How important do you think it is to clear those negative imprints from within your own body? Imagine the effect they have on your mental and spiritual well being.

I believe that this is critical. I am constantly wearing the Intention Disk.

I want everything that goes into my body to be cleared of negative imprints and I want all the fluids in my body to be cleared of negative imprints.

The burden of these negative imprints are at least as damaging as the pollution that we are usually concerned about.

I have only one last thing to say…


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